Plantation AyomideTejuoso is a Nigerian photographer, videoartist, and performance artistbased in Paris, France. Her workis centered on how to create andmaintain methodologies focused ondeveloping vulnerable and invasiveimagery. These methodologiesinclude rituals and trances thatallow the most violent and absurdof her thoughts to be turned intovisual pieces; in these pieces youwould often find her the mainsubject, communicating through herbody and surroundings, the layersof black experience, spirituality,and suffering. Referencing theworks of Phyliss Galembo andPieter Hugo, her photographs andperformance pieces use absurdelements and props to symboliseher reflections as a black womanand critique anti-blackness.Plantation was selected for FoamTalent 2021, and was published inthe fifteenth edition of FoamMagazine Talent. She was also selcted for the 2021 Photo Vogue Festival, and the Molasses Gallery Public exhibition. And in the year 2019,she was a finalist in the LagosPhoto Festival Portfolio ReviewAward, and wasselected for the 2020 Rele FoundationYoung Contemporaries bootcamp.   

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